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MS 05014- EVA Gym Mats-Extreme
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Brand: Cha Yau
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Update date 2019-08-21 17:49
 ◎ Category:EVA Foam Mats
◎ Product Name:
Gym Mats - EXTREME
◎ Size:50cm X 50cm
◎ Thickness:14mm
◎ Packing:4 pcs or 6 pcs/pack
◎ Features:
Extreme hard EVA mat for professional Gym and weight room with Strong Stone surface. (Around 80 Shore C)
◎ Usages:
Gym and weight room floor. (Especially is for weight lifting)
◎ Introduction:
The extreme high density foam mat with strong stone surface is perfect for exercise and fitness equipment.
The key features of our mats are as follows,
-Non-toxic and non-smell.
-Waterproof and non-slip
-Easy to assemble
-Flexible and soft
-Easy to clean and store