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EVA 2' X 2' Printed Mats / Indoor DIY Floorings - MP06001-20
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Brand: Cha Yau
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Expiry: Long-term
Update date 2019-08-06 13:21
 ◎ Category:Home living
◎ Product Name:
Printed Mats / Indoor DIY Floorings
◎ Size:60cm X 60cm
◎ Thickness:14mm
◎ Packing:4 pcs/pack
◎ Features:
2' X 2' EVA printed foam mat.
◎ Usages:
Indoor DIY Flooring, home gym, aerobics and other floor exercises.
◎ Introduction:
Cha Yau Sponge is the only factory that combined Heat transfer printing with EVA foam production. Our EVA foam mats are further printed with different pattern.  Various printed mats conform to the quality requirements of Cha Yau and maintain the consistency with quality EVA foam. All of the printed products adopt the heat transferring method for the printing. The printings are colorful and colorfast. Please, use the following Slide Show to browse the products with corresponding Product ID. 
The key features of our mats are as follows,
-Non-toxic and non-smell.
-Waterproof and non-slip
-Easy to assemble
-Flexible and soft
-Easy to clean and store